Midnimo Cross Cultural Community School

MidnimoMidnimo Cross Cultural Community School (MCCCS) is an urban middle school (6th-8th grade) and a 9th grade academy.  At MCCCS, we serve over 140 students and their families from a broad range of cultural and social backgrounds.  We value academic achievement, parental/family involvement, technological innovation, positive youth development and strategic stakeholder engagement.  It is our mission to fill the pipeline to college so that students have greater access and opportunity.  MCCCS has a highly functional student council, a Parent-Teacher-Students Organization (PTSO) and a school improvement council.  Students are provided access to state of the art technology, online classes, e-books  and the world wide web.  In addition to this, students engage in an array of after- and before-school programs, such as martial arts club, math club, science club, chess club, young authors club, entrepreneur club, homework assistance lab, travel club, basketball and soccer.

Students have found our class and school environment to be both challenging and supportive. 
  "I love being a student at Midnimo because it's not just a school but is also a little family." - Ali (8th grader).
"Midnimo is preparing me for the future .  My teachers expect the best from us and don't allow us to make excuses.  This only makes us better students in the long run." - Keisha ( 9th grader).
"As a Midnimo student, I know that college is in my future. No if's ands or buts about it, I am college-bound"  -Ron (7th grader).

Parents feel that Midnimo that is a place that supports them in their effort to provide the best educational opportunity for their children:
"The one thing that sets Midnimo apart from other schools is the amount of respect that teachers and administrators have for students and parents." - Khadijah  (mother)
“When I think of W.C. CUPE in general and Midnimo  in particular, I cannot help but to think of   something akin to an incubator, wherein our children's best qualities are being developed and nurtured. For this I am very thankful." - Abdi (father)